Saturday, March 30, 2019

Types of Network media

Types of Network mediaThere is m whatever media type. I will carry three type of media. They are The primary type of worm couple on phone linesThe primary type of coaxial product linesThe primary type of character heart assembly line systemsNetwork media is the actual path over which an galvanising signal travels as it moves from one component to an separate. I want to explain the common types of meshing media, including twisted- duo cable, coaxial cable, fiber-optic cable.misshapen Pair CableTwisted pit cable is backside use for telephone communication and can cable ethernet electronic networks. A pair of wires that can transmit data. When electronic signal by a wire, that create small magnetic field around a wire. When place two wire to witnessher, the magnetic fields are black eye of each other. So, two magnetic fields are disappear. They can distory any magnetic fields outside. There are two type of twisted pair cable, unshielded twisted pair (UTP)and shielded tw isted pair (STP).UTP CableUTP cable is used for various networks. This cable include cardinal copper wires covered by an insulating material. UTP cable canceling effective of electromagnetic disturbance (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). UTP cable is install using the Registered laborer (RJ 45) connector. The RJ-45 has eight wire connector. UTP cable is used to connect local-area network(LAN).Advantages of UTP cableUTP cable has many advantages. The cable size is small (approximately 0.43 cm) and easy to install. This cable outlay is less than other type of network cable. UTP has no wiring ducts as other network cable. It can be most important to portion out when installation a network in a building.Disadvantages of UTP cableTwisted pair cable has also disadvantages. However, UTP cable is to a greater extent avoid electrical noise and interference than other network cables. UTP cable transmit dead signal than coaxial cable and fiber optic cable.Coaxial cableCoaxial c able is make of outer hollow conductor and versed wire made of two conducting element. The center of a cable is made of copper wire. Copper wire has surrounding by pliant insulation. metallic-looking foil is coted over the insulating called second layer. Second layer is reduce the sum total of outside interference. Coaxial cable is support 10 to one hundred mbps of dispatch rate. Coaxial cable is little expensive than UTP cable. However, coaxial cable can cheaper in physical bus topology. Coaxial cable can cabled grand distant than UTP cable. Twisted pair cable can run 100 meters(328 feets). Using coxial cable, maintain is 500 meters(1640 feets). character reference optic cable quality optic cable can carry more data in longer distance with light signal than electrinic signal carry coxial cable. Fiber optic cable can run 100km(60 miles) without amplifing the light signal. Fiber visual can be used medium for telecommunication and networking because it is more flexible than o ther cable. Light transmition through the fiber due to reflection at bottom the material.Advantages of fiber optic cableCan run long distance in lower costCan carry more dataNo sparksCable weight is lightStorng to electronic interferenceDisadvantages of fiber optic cableDisadvantages of fiber optic cable is cost and durability. That cable is more expensive the other cable.Network analysis situs sense impression TopologyThis topology is common type of topology used in bag and office. At the star topology, central connection called hub which is computer hub or switch. The outstrip advantages is something fault in cable, only one computer can get bad affected and not entire network.Advantages of star topology supporter topology is simple in function and easy to manageIn star topology, problems can be easily located and easy to troubleshootThe Star Topology is truly simple in format so it is very easy to expand on the Star Topology.Star Topology DisadvantagesIn star topology, enti re network is fully depend on hub or switchIf there is many nodes, cable is long to connect and network can be slow downMesh topologyIn mesh topology to complete, all the nodes are connected to each other. On the network throung hops, every node is connect to other nedes. Some nodes are connect to single hops and some nodes are connect with more than one hops. Mesh topology include the concept of route. Unlike other topology, message can send several path from source to destination.

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