Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Art of Supervising Essay -- Business Management

Since the beginning of time there have been people who are leadership and there are those that choose to be followers. As an effective leader, bingle moldiness possess certain traits and skills that include knowing how to motivate others to fulfil a task. This assignment will discuss the role of a executive programy program in the multicultural society of today and the collar traits needed to fetch an effective manager. This assignment will include the relationship between managers, supervisors, and employees and how these relationships serve in guiding organizations in achieving their maximum potential and the importance of conclusion the right employee to meet those goals.In todays business world, supervisors must have a unique skill set that includes being satisfactory to communicate well with others, having the ability to effectively coach others, understanding the kinetics of working through others, and possessing performance management skills that allows them t o handle changes in a positive manner. The role of a supervisor is similar to the role of a mother or father. Just as a mother or father nurtures their child to become the best that they can be, a supervisor does the same with his/her employees. A supervisor who is committed to setting their employees up for victor is essentially a recruiter, trainer, planner, motivator, coach, and a leader for others to follow (Cassidy & Kreitner, 2010, p. 9). While there are numerous traits that a supervisor should possess, there are three imperative traits that stand out above the rest in my opinion. These traits are (1) emotional intelligence, (2) being honest and ethical, and (3) having the ability to accept diversity. Emotional intelligence, or EQ as it is known today, can be defined as noncog... ...Works CitedCassidy, C., Kreitner, R. (2010). Supervision setting people up for success. p. 8-199. Mason, OH South-Western Cengage Learning.Daft, R. (2010). Innovative management for turbulent times. Chapter 1, p. 8. South-Western Cengage Learning. Retrieved from http//, R.L., & Jackson, J.H. (2012). Human Resource Management Essential Perspectives (6th ed.) p. 67-69. Mason, OH South-Western Cengage Learning. Moglia, T. (Author). (1997). administrate for success A guide for supervisors. Retrieved from http//, E.A. (Author). (2006). Managers discharge guide to emotional intelligence From management to leadership. Retrieved from http//

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