Saturday, March 23, 2019

My Monday Essay -- Descriptive Essay Day Mondays Essays Papers

My Mon twenty-four hour periodFaint, distant voices echo through the dense, plastered w boths. whole seconds later, I hear the ear-splitting clamor, resonating from my jet-black alarm clock. Twisting and tour around, fighting my way through the entangling satin sheets, I find my way to the germ of the bellowing sound, and then I clumsily hit the snooze button. octet peaceful minutes pass until the same obnoxious sound calls break through again. This time, I will to the full hit the tiny, round off button. Stretching my inviolable arms towards the stars, and yawning like a bear after wake from a long, deep hibernation, I stumble out of bed and instal my fuzzy, red and black ladybug slippers on my tired, cold feet. A research of horror appears on my face when I see my frazzled hair in a far away mirror. Regaining my composure, I continue forrader to the subdued, vacant bathroom, to get ready for another unpredictable, manic Monday.First things first, I flip the light on to a ctivate the dormant bathroom, and I event natures call. by and by wash offing my hands in the tepid water, I shot my nut-brown hairbrush, and battle my way through the overwhelming tangles. Completing that formidable task, I pull the round, blue bottle of Noxzema out of the golden, oak cabinet to wash my face. Scents of menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus filter through my head and awaken my senses. Now fully awakened, I scamper to the kitchen, grabbing my blue and yellow traction of doughnuts, and pouring myself a cup of cold milk. Chocolate tickles my nose when I open my bag of delicious doughnuts. While enjoying my savory breakfast, the bong of the grandfather clock warns me that it is close to time to depart from my comfy home.Immediately I gather all of my belongings, jump in my red Oldsmobile, and rush to ... wish the end of the day came faster, so I can go to work.Coincidentally enough, the dismissal bell rings, and I am off to work. When I get to work, my boss send s me to the storage warehouse to plant an endless amount of tiny, green petunias. The smell of fertilizer and cocoa mulch gives me a splitting headache that rests at the base of my head. After three long hours of tedious work, I exhaustedly drive home.My mom greets me when I arrive at home, and I watch television with her for a short circuit time. I then help her grill a thick, juicy steak, and broil russet potatoes for dinner. After dinner I take a long, hot, shake up shower. I finish up my chores and eat a snack in front turning in. Finally, I tell my parents goodnight, and I crawl into my maroon, satin sheets, pulling my soft, flock comforter over my tired head, already dreaming of whats in line for tomorrow.

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