Thursday, March 28, 2019

Infomercials And Other Dishonest Commercials Essay -- essays research

Infomercials and Other Dishonest CommercialsThe new(prenominal) night I was academic term in front of the television watching a latenight show, when a commercial break came on, I instinctively clicked on the impertinent to flip through the channels to confab what else was on. As I surfed throughthe channels I came across dozens of info-mercials, a commercial for acquiring acollege story at home, and a few mental hotline advertisements. I stoppedclicking the remote after a while to see what the commercials were selling, andto see how cheep the products were. thither were advertisements for how to father abetter body, the "fountain of juvenility" make-up, and the charcoal-less grill. It isamazing what they come up with nowadays. As I continued glide I came acrossSally Struthers trying to sell an "earn your college degree at home" commercial,honestly, how good can that kind of degree be? then(prenominal) as I kept flipping, I cameacross the "psychic netw ork of friends" advertisement, just as they wereoffering a "free psychic reading to first time callers" all that was requiredwas that a real 1-800 number be dialed and a person could get a reading.Then to show that the reading was accurate, they had spate come on and say thattheir go with the psychic was "life changing," and that "it was so realthe psychic knew everything." It is amazing what people will fall for in thisday and age.     Info-mercials ar basically one-half hour commercials that attempt to sellproducts to watchers. The products that virtually info-mercials offer argon things that atomic number 18 said to "improve manyones life" but in most cases the products are rip-offsand are an easy way for the manufacturers to make money. Some of the productsinclude the "AB-flex," a simple rocking seat that is supposed to hold thisunearthly power to drop off a persons stomach. The "AB-flex" guarantees t o "makeit easier to develop stomach muscles, without the assistance of any othermachine, in just thirty days" they also claim that "this physical composition of equipment canmake you feel younger and give you more energy." There is also an info-mercialfor "the fountain of youth" make-up, the make-up is said to make sputter appearyounger than it actually is this product plays off the idea of women hating togr... ...s reliant on"their own personal psychic" for information about their future tense life, there isalmost no turning back. These hotlines, I have to admit, are a really good moneymaker. Who would not want to hold out what is going to happen to themselves in thefuture? It would tempt even the most rational person to call up the number toget a glimpse into their future.     The world is not longer filled with honest people. tout ensemble that people areout for nowadays is money, and they will do anything to get it, even if it meanslying, deceiving, and bribing people into things They will stop at nothing.Salespeople cerebrate this by that if the people that are watching are gullible plenty to buy or call, then they deserve to be ripped-off. Honesty in sales nolonger exists, it has been replaced by lying and cheating. Consumers are nolonger safe from these deceivers, instead they must arm themselves withknowledge and common-sense. For some people this may be a challenge, they havealready been displace into the trap of these liars, and it is difficult for them toescape the trap, but if we are to survive in this new world of dishonest people,then we must be armed.

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