Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Labeling theory Essay

Stereotypes are thoughts adopted virtually a some unrivalled or a group of pile that may or may not be true. In reality a classify does not really rescue a definition. Different people view stereotypes assortedly. Researchers and psychologists have different definitions what a stereotypes can actually be. Some people regard stereotypes as universe a interdict thing, might go as far as saying it is prejudice. This is because destinations label others differently. If a person does not come across a market-gardening but sees a trend they assume that the consentient acculturation must be that bearing. This is an slip of what stereotyping means to most.Psychologists Yueh-Ting Lee and Charles Stangor have their give birth guesss on stereotypes. They do not agree on what stereotyping is, but some(prenominal) add a valid explanation. Yueh-Ting Lee a professor from the Westfield assure College is a psychologist that has researched and wrote near stereotypes in our cultures . He believes that stereotypes might be comprehend as a negative thing because they involve generalizing a culture or person. Lee believes that stereotypes are far from the truth. He doesnt believe that a person or culture can be generalised to one thing.The world is a big place that can be very unfamiliar to most people. plurality that have never travelled the world or seen many cultures do not truly understand these places. Most of the people in the world fall under this mirthful but unaware category. Lee believes that stereotypes are needed for these kinds of people. What better way to start understanding a culture so attend toing at the stereotypes? He believes that stereotypesare a starting point in understanding the different people and cultures. Stereotyping is a belief we use to categorize people, objects and events.Lee says that these stereotypes impart help uncertain people deal with all the information about the vast cultures on earth. All this leads Lee to believe that stereotyping is a computable and necessary way of obtaining opinions on people and cultures. Charles Stangor a psychologist from the University of Maryland College common land has his view on stereotypes. He does not share the same views as Lee in regards to stereotyping being a useful or true thing. Stangor leans more into the idea that people need to rate others in parliamentary law to know where they stand. This is an aspect of stereotyping shared by many.The fact that one culture or person will generalize another culture or person into a group based on who they are and what they do. Stagnor believes that tendinous people use stereotypes to exploit selected groups of people. There are many negative stereotypes that arise from people generalizing on one aspect of a person or culture. For example African Americans are labeled to be level-headed athletes but portrayed not to be as smart as Asians or whites. Stagnor believes that is a manipulation, and that stereotypes can not be true, therefore they cannot be used to forecast a person or their culture.Stagnor believes that generalizing can lead to more serious things like racism, sexism, or other prejudice. Stereotypes cannot be labeled as a good thing. This planet has many different people, cultures, beliefs, and races. Every single valet being is different than every other human. If this is all true then how can we label people into categories? A human is not something up for sale and cannot be labeled and shelved in a specific section. This is mayhap true about whole groups of people from the same race or culture. Like Stagnor believes stereotyping leads people to become prejudice against others.Labeling a race into one category is racism in a sense. A common stereotype is that all African Americans are great athletes but not as smart as other cultures. This is viewed because a lot of them are headmaster athletes. Being athletic does not make soulfulness less intelligent, or being smart does not mean someone cannot be an athlete. This is an example of viewing a race save through one lense. People will not be able to understand other cultures if they only see someone from one side. Lee argues that stereotypes will lead us to understand or just began understanding someone.What if someone takes these stereotypes and sticks to that idea about someone. This will lead people to generalize races and cultures into one idea. This will be a harmful stereotype because we will be unable to look past that one idea. Negative stereotyping will lead humans to be intolerable of other races and cultures. People must understand why someone different then themselves is the way they are. If a select group of people are labeled in some way we cannot label the whole race that way. We have to give the rest of that race a chance. The to the lowest degree we can do is to understand a race before we paseo a judgment.

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