Thursday, March 28, 2019

Riot Grrrl: Empowering Women and Changing the World Essay -- Feminism

Take a moment and envision yourself accompanying your significant other at a highly anticipated punk rock concert. Upon arrival, he immediately insists that you prank the role of a good girlfriend by holding his jacket while he and the rest of the male audience move up towards the mosh pit. You soon find yourself pushed and shoved to the back of the room, the farthest distance by from the stage as possible, along with hundreds of other good girlfriends as personified turn up hangers. This was an issue faced by many women in the early 90s who were interested in the punk rock scene, yet were uneffective to receive their voices be heard, until now. Riot grrrl, a radical feminist try that thrived in the underground punk scene has challenged the media to take a beat back and recognize the women involved to be able to portray and testify themselves without the need of societys written standards of how or what the ideal char should be. In Kevin Dunn and May Farnsworths article, We ARE The Revolution Riot Grrrl Press, young lady Empowerment, and DIY Self-Publishing, the authors mention how riot grrrl members took matters into their own hands by establishing their own social sources of positive and influential media through utilization of radio shows, fanzines, television programs, and original outlets to promote self expression and awareness. They had every good intention to load down these opportunities out since the media has long been known for deliberately distorting every ounce of justice they are given. Misconceptions of feminism have especially emerged through the deceitful maneuver of the media and have managed to successfully establish a negative connotation with the driving of feminism. When questioned on the topic of feminism,... ... permanent mark on todays world. It may be considered a mans world for now, scarcely with the efforts of millions who support the same values that riot grrrl enforces, it result soon it will be a world of equal ity where both men and women have equal opportunities to have their voices be heard. Works CitedDownes, Julia. Women Make Noise missy Bands from Motown to the Modern. Twickenham Supernova, 2012. Print.Dunn, Kevin, and May Summer Farnsworth. We ARE The Revolution Riot Grrrl Press, little girl Empowerment, And DIY Self-Publishing. Womens Studies 41.2 (2012) 136-157. faculty member Search Premier. Web. 5 Dec. 2015.Leonard, Marion. Gender in the Music Industry Rock, Discourse, and Girl Power. Aldershot, Hampshire, England Ashgate, 2007. Print. Meltzer, Marisa. Girl Power The Nineties Revolution in Music. New York Faber and Faber, 2010. Print.

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