Sunday, March 24, 2019

Generation What? An Outcast of Generation X :: Essays Papers

Generation What? An Outcast of Generation XReflecting upon my writing is one of the just just about difficult tasks I assume ever been asked to do. Looking back upon my work, I realize that this is one of the most important papers I stand written. Not only was this piece the first paper I have written for a writing studio, it also enabled me to release some of the frustrations I have with my generation.Generation X. Slackers. Twentysomethings. There has been so much written about this group. There have been countless attempts by the media to analyze them. The media panders to and laughs at them, to the highest degree in the same breath. They discuss the groups alienation and disaffection, and their pride in multiculturalism. The media mocks their evidently constant depression and applauds their tolerance and open-mindedness. Movies such as Reality Bites and hit show this group in altogether its glory. Most people in this age group watch these movies and feel a connec tion wit h them. The backdrops of these characters lives, and the experiences these characters face atomic number 18 similar to their own. However, I, as well as mevery of my peers, cannot relate to any of the so-c eached Gen eration X movies, TV shows, music, etc. While we are all in the correct age group, these forms of entertain ment are for the products of a white, middle-class, suburban upbringing. This category leaves out a con siderable amount of young Americans. The all concept of a Generation X reminds me of junior high school, where penetrative the right people, wearing the right clothes, and listening to the right music center status and popularity. Back in junior high, there was the popular crowdrich kids, ath letes, and elegant people. These popular people had one thing in common conformity. They all wore the same type of clothes with the same brand names. They went to all the socially key functionsparties, dances, etc. As much as twentysomethings would same(p) to trust t hey have progressed beyond this point, they have not. Generation X also has a popular crowd. Instead of going to the socially key parties, they att discontinue contrive events like Lollapalooza and Woodstock 94. Instead of going out of their way to look like everyone else, they go out of their way not to look like everyone elseand end up looking like everyone else in the process. The audience at a Lollapalooza concert is a study in nonconformist conformity.

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