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The Transactional Model of Communication: An Equation

Theyre both convinced(p)ly welcoming the communication, theyre both consenting artisans in the communication, and making predictions on the appearance of the approaching communication, theyve both got positive expectations of the consequence. The conversation begins with Person A saying, Hello, Im Aaron. Person B replies, HI, Im betray. They both make a face to each new(prenominal), but Aaron loses eye contact and looks up and down quickly at Botanys figure. divulge predicts that Aaron is judging her outer appearance which could convey that Aaron whitethorn be Judg cordial in general or a misogynist that doesnt respect her.These ar inconsistents. These, along with other rabbles, determine the outcome of the sitting of communication. The record multivariates will be put into brackets suggesting the most potential possibilities of the individual. deep down these personality variables, there is ever so the isolated variable within, leaving the theory open for an unment ioned or less-likely personality option such as mental Illness. This assumptive variable will be labeled as ((X)). A Judgmental? Misogynistic? Soci aloney X)? B Femaleness? Overly-sensitive? Accurately Observant?The equation has changed because Betray is no lifelong positively envisioning this communication, she costive outcome. A Aaron doesnt detect that Betray is at a time uncomfortable, so he is still undoubted his positive outcome. Betray is no yearlong so positive after her first impression of Aaron. Betray asks Aaron half-heartedly about the quality of his day. Aaron, unaware of Betrays perception, answers cordially with My day has been pretty entire, and yours? sound judgement by Aarons casual and cordial response, he conveys that he would most likely welcome a similar response.Betray does not meet Aarons expectations and she replies by saying, It was okay earlier, but then I went to get my hair done ND it went by really slow cause I didnt conduct any good magazines to read. Aaron is unaffect and somewhat deflated after realizing that the woman that he may have predicted as intelligent has proven otherwise. By Betray intermission one of Aarons implicit social rules of replying with courtesy and simplicity, he has now make predictions about Betrays personality.He considers that she may be immature, air-headed, or simply uninteresting, and of course the hidden misfortune (X). Aaron makes the predictions about Betray, and he now has a negative view on the communication. Betray on the other hand simply appreciates the hardly a(prenominal) seconds that Aaron listened and this new impression has made up for the previous one. Betray once again positively views the communication. A Judgmental? Misogynistic? Narcissistic? And/or (X) (Aarons prediction) (Betrays prediction) B Feminist? Overly-sensitive? Accurately observant? Air-headed?Immature? And/or (X) Based on the actions and reactions of Aaron and Betray, their predictions of the outcome may ch ange constantly or not at all by dint ofout the entire communication process. The actual outcome is only laid once the transactions and the sections of their communication has ceased. Its like playing musical chairs the patch doesnt stop until the music stops. If Aaron and Betray end on a reciprocally negative prediction of the outcome, they may part ways and never talk again, completely content with going on without communicating with each other again.If the communication ends with Aaron feeling negatively and Betray feeling positively, Aaron may be content with not communicating with Betray again, but Betray may feel inclined to want to communicate with Aaron again, and vice versa. Variables thin the individuals personality will also continue changing as much and more is revealed, hidden, dis simple machineded, or assumed within the relationship. The truths will be proven through the individuals actions while the false assumptions are discarded. For example Aaron and Betray m eet a second time.Aaron takes Betray to dinner this act from Aaron leads Betray to discard the possibility of misogyny because his sensitive and courteous actions disprove it. Misogyny is no longer within the brackets, because it no longer seems plausible to for Aaron to be a misogynist. Aaron and Betray are seated at their table and the waiter asks what theyd like to drink. Aaron asks for a glass of water. Betray asks for a very particular brand of wine and then inquires about its aging and production process. Betray has unknowingly impressed Aaron, and Aaron discards the assumption that wine.Those assumptions are removed from her brackets. On this second encounter, they both disproved at least one negative assumption with their actions. Aaron no longer seems misogynistic and insensitive, and Betray no longer seems air-headed or immature. These new assumptions are subject to be supported or disproved at NY point within their relationship, and this will unceasingly be the case. Th ese assumptive variables are forever subject to change until the perceptions and the actions of the individuals cease.Infinitely, either possibility that could change the outcome of this communicative transaction has the power to do so, but that doesnt mean that it will. (X) is a hidden variable in both form. (X) employ in brackets is to imply the possibility of hidden, unmentioned, unconsidered, possibilities about a person. (X) used in the broad equation, such as below, would imply the hidden variable of situational possibilities. Other people Joining the transaction, interruptions, outside conflicts, etc. A +- B (+/-)(X) The situational possibilities are hardened by the actual physical setting of the communicative transaction. The situational possibilities also have the power to be positive or negative forces in a communicative transfer, therefore altering the outcome, For example If the situational variable (X) were a car wreck, this particular event would most likely (proba bility also depending on variables) crush the subject matter, physically interrupt, or completely terminate the communicative renovations betwixt the two instantly.The two people would probably not continue talk of the town about their previous topic if a collision had Just occurred. one or both of the individuals may run to give aid or to find help, the other may stand there like a buffoon while the other one helps, therefore bringing away assumptions, discarding false assumptions, and effecting the perceptions of the other person (or people) and vice versa. The absolute outcome do-nothing only be achieved once everything is said and done, no more changes kitty be made to the relationship or the perceptions between he communicators, and so what is presented is accepted as evidence of truth.The outcome is reality, and reality is perception. (X) will always be a variable to everything since it is impossible to prove, disprove, or even come out every single probability, theref ore leaving some (regardless of percent) room for inaccuracy. cypher is ever -absolute- in the eyes of a human being, so the (X) variable will forever present itself in everything that we perceive. The only absolute, is that there are no absolutes. -? The Transactional Model of Communication An Equation

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