Friday, February 15, 2019

Technologys Impact on Recreation Essay -- Computers

Recreation is non often thought close to as something that is impacted by technology. applied science has impacted digression professionals and costumers. It has to a fault changed equipment that people go for for frolical activities. All of this has had both positive and prohibit affects. Computers and technology have a tremendous influence on recreation and they exit continue to do so in the future. It is safe to advance that computers or some piece of technology are apply in most offices today. This includes recreation offices. Computers make it easier for staff to communicate to poseher. It is an essential partition of the office. Many users today are so dependent on their computers that they cannot commit their jobs if the computer they use, or the LAN they are on, is not functioning (Murphy, 3). This is super true.I worked at a county bivouac over the summer where we used computers to register our campers. There were many times, especially in the morni ngs when the computers wouldnt work. When this occurred we had to speciate the costumers to come back later, or call our main office. Things went a hardening smoother when the computers worked. We were able to tell people what sites were available and when in in effect(p) a couple of minutes. It was impossible to look up that information by hand, because it was all on our computers.Recreational costumers benefit from computers. They are able to use the internet to sign up for classes and other recreational programs. Park dominion Web sites will allow residents not only the ability to get into classes, but also to change classes, drop classes, request refunds, and to manage their accounts online (Murphy, 3). This speeds up the process of many things, because a person doesnt ha... ...urred at the campground I worked at over the summer. Some people just did not want to learn how to use the computers. This made it hard on everyone, because and then only certain people cou ld register campers. Technology in the recreation field has pros and cons. I do believe that the positives do out view the negatives. It has created more and different types of equipment for activities. This allows people with special needs to participate in activities they would otherwise not have the chance to do, because of the advancements in technology. It has broadened the world of recreation, and will continue to increase with time. Works CitedEdginton, Christopher R., et al. Leisure and Life Satisfaction. New York McGraw-Hill, 2002.Murphy, Jeff. Technology in the Park and Recreation Workplace. 9 Novemberhttp//

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