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IntroductionJacques Nasser was natural in Lebanon in 1949, but grew up in Australia. He join crossings Australian operation as a financial analyst beforehand he was barely 20, eager to see the world. In 1973, he came to the joined States to join Fords North American Truck Operations and the companys finance staff.Nasser jumped at the opportunity to travel around the world by accepting multinational assignments, which others avoided to places like Thailand, The Philippines, Venezuela and Argentina. He moved back to the UnitedStates after be promoted to the key position of President of Ford Automotive Operations and in conclusion in 1999, he became Fords CEO.Jacques Nasser has been portrayed as a man that possesses good enough and Impeccable leadership qualities. Before Nasser came on board of Fords force back Co., Ford had been a company that efficiently made cars, and in recent old age at least, earned solid profits.Nasser has plans to take Ford to the forefront of the Motor industry and transform it into a nimble, flexible organization and better attuned to the planetary automobile assiduity he sees emerging.From the very time Nasser joined Ford, he had displayed hardworking abilities, being from a modest and often intolerant milieu as a Lebanese born immigrant in Anglo-dominated Australia.Jacques Nasser in his gather up to make ford a front- hold upner in the motor Industry exhibited several signs of leadership, which has made the company progress. Jacques, in addition to having a profile that includes speaking fluent English, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese (which are all qualities that a person involved in global operations of a vocation should possess), also speaks the most important language that any auto administrator can understand the language of a passion for cars that is respected by both consumers and enthusiasts alike, as reported in the Detroit News.As President and old-timer executive officer of Ford Motor Company, Nasser has all of the credentials that head word to a natural rise to top level management of a global automaker term continuing to embrace the equities that helped him to his ascension. As a true car lover, Jacques usually drives Fords cars and other competitors cars to know their various mechanisms, how they run and any other way it could be improved. Other executives are know to be usually driven around by personal chauffeurs, while Nasser derives joy from driving himself to wherever he is going with his sport cars.In the Management textbook by Griffin, hundreds of studies have been

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