Thursday, February 28, 2019

Commentary – Staring At The Sun by The Offspring

Maybe life is like a baffle words on a free guidance Dodging bullets magic spell youre try to get word your way Every superstars around, but no one does a diddly social occasion It brings me down, but I wont let them If I seem bleak come up youd be correct And if I dont speak Its cause I cant disjuncture But I wont be ruin-over by the reflection Of the depose in your eyes As youre staring at the sun When I ran I didnt feel like I ran away(p) When I fly I didnt feel like I got away Theres more to existing than only surviving Maybe Im non in that respect, but Im still assay Though you hear me I dont think that you relate.My bequeath is something That you cant confiscate So forgive me, but I wont be frustrated By last in your eyes As youre staring at the sun commentary (Staring At The Sun) The Offspring be commonly known to be a punk-rock reverberate but they have taken up so galore(postnominal) different styles in their albums that many would agree that they sing something unique which can non be fitted fully in a specific genre of music. But the spunk of almost every album has been fast songs with really meaningful lyrics (and not skilful something that rhymes which can be often heard in punk-rock).Their album, Americana not only sold over 10,000,000 copies worldwide but as well as presented the band in a new light and served as a evolution of Californian punk-rock. In Americana, the band sings roughly different events that happen in the life of ordinary American families and teenagers. Staring At The Sun is one of my favorite songs not only because of the music but also because of regent(postnominal) lyrics which combines well with the rhythm. Generally, the song is about trying to figure out your individuality and how you fit in the world.It is especially spare for teenagers that are growing up and trying to fit in everything they do. The song also tells us of peck who trust to fit in so desperately that they compromise their in terests and vary their character in order to fit in. The lyrics remind me of a write up poem. The first line sets the mood of the song and suggests that the effigy is in dim models about life. Simile life is like a ride on a freeway reflects the subject of functions thoughts. Freeway suggests freedom in choosing your way of living or your place in the society. Ride links to the desire of searching for something in this society. The foster line completes the idea raised in the first line that life is searching for your place, trying to fit in the world. Dodging bullets suggests rage which could mean difficulties that can be encountered when trying to become yourself and that irrespective of anger or grudge that you whitethorn have you should lodge to seek for your place in society.The next both lines link to the idea that it is important for anybody to be who he/she is and do not care what anyone else thinks. This is suggested by the third line that although everyones aro und, there is really no assistant from them in selecting the class of your life (no one does a damn thing). The next line extends the idea slightly suggesting that being yourself while all the rest turn against you is very hard but you should not quit the path you have selected. The end of the third line and the ancestry of the quadrupletth are loaded with heavy words.This becomes even more evident as the singer stresses these words when singing the song. Repetition of d and g in the words damn, thing, brings, down emphasizes the fact that there is no help from the concourse surrounding you and that they essentially try to deflect you from selecting your path (bring, down). But this is then contradicted by I wont let them. The second stanza emphasizes personas unwillingness to conform to everyone else. This is suggested by the first four lines. The last three lines of the stanza are very significant.In these lines persona is trying to say that if someone is qualifying to dest roy himself, he is not going to drag the persona down with him. This is suggested by I wont be burned by the reflection of the fire in your eyes. The words burned and fire are significant here as they emphasize burning, dying out, destruction of character and identity of individual who is trying to fit in something unnatural for himself. Staring at the sun is a metaphor or analogy for spate that are being self-destructive or conciliative themselves.The persona says that he is not a part of this and appeals to people to quell to their own paths that they have selected and not compromise themselves. The burning of these lines suggests personas fury about this situation. The third stanza is about persona in the actual search for his path of life. The first two lines of the stanza suggest that you may be uncertain or doubt the path you have selected when all the people around you are trying to stop you.Echoing of running away (ran and ran away) and escaping ( fly and got away) in t he same lines emphasizes your tireless search for the true path, that you may not know what to do or where to go but you should keep open seeking for it. This idea is also confirmed by the last two lines of the stanza that you should live in the way you want and not to conform to individual elses style of living (theres more to living than only surviving) just because you have to, if it is unnatural for you. The last line of the stanza confirms the idea that although you realize you have not found your path yet you should continue seeking for it.It is also significant that the idea of searching, emphasized by the first two lines (ran, ran away, escaped and got away) also links it to the idea that your mind could be confused by other peoples opinions. The last stanza again emphasizes the fact that the persona is not going to be dragged down by self-destructive people who compromise themselves. In the first two lines persona is suggesting that although these self-destructive people may understand him they cannot take any action towards changing it as their identity and character are already tied in with the thought that they have to compromise themselves.The third and fourth lines of the stanza signify the fact that persona will not be a part of that by admitting that my will will be guiding him in search for his path and that it cannot be manipulated or confiscated unlike the minds of people who compromise themselves. This is also confirmed by stressing my will which emphasizes strength and endurance. The last three lines of the stanza repeat the end of the second one and thus emphasize the personas thoughts that it is important for anybody to be who they really want to and not to try conforming to or to fitting in somebody elses style.

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