Monday, February 18, 2019

Cultural and gender comparison of Russia and the US Essay -- essays re

Cultural Comparison of RussiaGender roles in Russia pass dramatically changed since the fall of the condition Soviet Union and the fall of communism. It is unvoiced to look directly at the constitution of Russia seeing as though the drafting and redrafting of their constitution is still underway. However, looking at the constitution of the causality Soviet Union, you can see it is clearly stated that Women and men substantiate equal rights. It is very clear that in the Soviet Union they were nerve-racking to make it so that women and men were equal. It is still clear today that those alike(p) basic ideals are take in Russia. Women are clearly more equal in their country than in ours. In the workforce as well as in the home, women play a more equal role than in the present day United States. However, for the sake of this paper, permit us just look at the infrastructure of Russia, formerly cognize as the Soviet Union or USSR. In terms of employment, the former Soviet Union had the largest percentage of women in the labor force than both other comparative society. This still remains the case in the present day Russia. Unemployed women in Russia will be quickly employed. They beat a very high success rate of reemploying women if they were to lose their jobs. Compared to occidental women, although Russian women have a much higher representation in law, medicine and engineering as well as in the technical trades, such as metalworking and construction,...

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