Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Creepy Craig

Creepy Craig It was almost like lying in a boiling rubber blowup pool. The air was thick and Zara couldnt manage to fall asleep. The strange noises from crossways the hall filled the quiet of her apartment again. Zara always snarl suspicious of the man who lived there, because when she waited for the twinge to go to the floor of her whole, he would stand there at least 4 times a week and watch her as the doors closed. The creepy involvement about that was, when the levy reached the sixth floor, he would be there as she stepped out.She always ideal of him as her own personal stalker. Creepy Craig. mayhap he was harmless? Who cares Zara valued out. The exist time she got out of the lift at her own floor, Creepy Craig was standing there leering at her offering ANZAC cookies. Enough was enough. She needed to get out of his apartment now. redden Ben, her boyfriend thought the guy was a creep. He wanted to smorgasbord him out but Zara didnt want him to do that. Right now, she w ished Ben was at home instead of playing Rugby with the local club in Southport. She reached for her mobile phone and called him.Zara was pleased to hear that Ben was on his way home. still better, he had already been searching and had found a nice wise apartment. He wanted her to see the next twenty-four hour period. Their new place was amazing, right-hand(a) on the Broadwater overlooking water which glistened like diamonds in the fair weatherlight as the squeals of the kids with their families echoed into the distance. Having a new unit was great. Just what Zara and Ben wanted. The relief of not pratevilment about Creepy Craig any more made her feel relaxed for the number 1 time in months.Sitting on the balcony with the blistering Australian twelve oclock sun hovering above, Zara and Ben relaxed with a refreshing icy cold glass of beer. They talked about their plans for tomorrow afterwardsnoons family picnic at the Broadwater and how Australia mean solar day this year w as going to be amazing. Ben would make the waterslide for the kids aunty Sue would sway the name out of the hat to see who was going to cook the grill this year. Zara and Ben both hoped it wasnt going to be Gazza again. Last time he cooked he burnt all the sausages and set fire to his own shirt.Zara thought he had one too many beers that day. Aside from the disaster last year, they were both getting excited. As the afternoon wore on and the heat of the sun dissipated, Zara and Ben were feeling very relaxed. Out of nowhere, loud crashes resonated as if pots and pans were being hurtled across a room. From the unit above, the crash was accompanied by a female child yelling and a man swearing. Unsettled by the noise and enquire if the girl was okay, Ben left their unit and got the elevator to the eleventh floor. He followed the auditory sensation like a detective finding clues to a murder scene.Zara waited uneasily on the balcony on the floor below, worrying about what was actually occurrence up there and if Ben really should have gone to investigate. Everything went strangely silent. An ear-piercing bitch split through the air. There, in a single second, but seeming like slow motion, a beautiful young girl glided noncurrent her balcony like a feather. Zara met her eyes and in a heartbeat she felt like she saw the girls whole life in a flash. She was gone. Zara froze like a statue. Ben burst through the door, demanding to know what had happened as he couldnt get anyone to open to his knocking at the unit above.Zara couldnt get any words out. All she could manage to do was point to the balcony repeatedly. When Ben returned, he looked pale and sick. They stood looking at each new(prenominal) for a few seconds they both seemed to come out of their stupor after Ben called the police. People were out on their balconies all over the building, gazing in wound at the terrible sight below. Police and ambulance sirens blared towards their building. The afternoon ended in a haze of uniforms all over the place. Because Zara and Bens unit was outright below where the girl fell, they had to be questioned by the police.They told their stories and signed statements. Their fantastic day had ended in tragedy. They felt quite sick as they went to bed that night. When the brightness of the morning woke Zara and Ben, they discussed whether they should cancel their plans but both really wanted to get out of the unit and be with their family and friends. So it was decided that Ben would make up the esky down to the basement, pack the car, drive up to reception and pick Zara up from there. After bed Ben phoned to say he was on the way, Zara waited at the reception.She felt uneasy about being on her own but it was altogether a few minutes until she would be out of the building and with Ben. She dual-lane the lift with the manager of the building, Steve. They briefly discussed the sad and frightening event of yesterday. Steve couldnt say very much beca use it was still a police matter. When the lift doors opened a t the ground floor, Zara looked up and standing in the foyer was Creepy Craig. Thats the poor man who lost his girlfriend over the balcony yesterday. Steve said to Zara whispering the news.

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