Thursday, February 14, 2019

Differences in Language and Gender Essay examples -- Papers Research C

Differences in lecture and Gender There are numerous differences in language betwixt male and female. This is why we sometimes do not understand the verso sex. These differences can be lexical, phonological, grammatical or conversational. There have been many studies into gender and conversational doings one of which answers the most common enquiry of who talks the most this was conducted by Fishman 90. He found that in mix sex conversation, workforce talk twice as much as women. Although this cannot be generalised to all males and females as many people do not follow the trends. Women are to a greater extent supportive in their behaviour in conversation. They ask more questions, give more feedback, pay more compliments, start up different topics and they try to bring others into the conversation. On the contrary, men interrupt, express disagreement, ignore other people and dont like to follow other peoples new topics. This shows that women ar e more cooperative and men are rivalrous in conversation. Zimmerman and...

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