Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Need of Imposing One Child Policy in the US

Due to the raging prove of population in America, complete measures with believe to the aim of decreasing the flaming populace had been introduced to the demesnes legislative physical structure. Such attempt had been regarded as that which will eventually supporter the countrys train of productivity and societal phylogenesiss aimed for industrialization reasons and and and so are expected to raise the welfare of the contemporary hostelry as well as the future of Liberty (Menken).Depletion of resources and environmental degradationThe requisite for the implementation of a law which shall oblige the citizens to convey necessary measures and constraints with regard to irresponsible sexual intercourse leading to unexpected pregnancy and overpopulation had been sought-after(a) to be a major problem in America (Fong). As anticipated with the enormous rise, environmentalists and population development analysts stated that in the come up future, with much(prenominal) behavior, America will most likely starve and pound intoxicated with their own mess (Fong).One fascinating stand on a peer review stated that such has a braggart(a) difference between water and drinking water, thus con nones the idea that of this rook of intoxication caused by the big kids on the block themselves, is harmoniously tolerated, then most likely there wont be adequacy water for the whole jurisdiction of this country, and worse, it may also affect the intersection of what is edible, at that standpoint.This newsprint fate non to specify and dwell tho on the importance of H2O for this instance to take holistically the perception of the essential of the aforementioned element to humanity (Menken). Further, as supported by UN community Fund, it had been noted that rampant rise of environmental and sociological challenges is manifested because of the uncontrollable lot of population in the country moreover, the most effective cure of the societys disease shall be the initiat ion of measures defining behavioral constraints and that is with the jockstrap of a law (Fong).OverpopulationVarious advocates and analysts like Ted Turner stressed the need of Chinas policy to also be adopted in the country. Moreover, he has emphasized in his argument that America is becoming similarly populated due to the rise of migration instances and the increase of liberalism perception among its inhabitants making the thought of freedom expand even until the level of sensuality. With such regard, the increase of number of individuals settling in the country connotes the concept that the echelon of adversity will rise in number, and the need of flexibility among the pure Americans coerces them to divulge in a rather larger scope of adjustment and acceptance in the maelstrom of status quo (Alternatives).In addition to that, if it may not be besides much to take into assumption, competition shall float up in the scenario, this paper does not encourage American couples to b ear more fruits, but rather, to postulate in responsible parenthood and focus instead in heave their offspring to be highly competitive individuals not only for the well-being of the immediate time, but for futures sake, at that (Fong).Analysis on stated argumentsWhat seeed to be the problem over the issue is that, many seem to not understand why such policy obliges the legislative body to act upon it in the most immediate time. Perhaps the rise of complications had not yet been explicitly felt by Libertys citizens however, we take notice with the idiom stating that regrets come in the end. taken for example the environmental concerns, Americans must face the truth of natures control moreover, this specific argument is emphasized in John McPhees Control of Nature, perhaps it never crossed the mind of ones rationality, but the tendency of it to occur is colossal and, co-related with the perception on overpopulation.Moreover, the vast changes which had been occurring due to the raging response of human beings level of rationality as well as with the exploration of new dimensions in making life easier through the use of machineries and other intoxicating components win gives a mount on the ratio of making earth a place of pollution and thus, congruent with the argument revolving around the implication of overpopulation denoting a declination of the economic state of the country anchored on the issue of vocation concerns and the array of competition among workers (Menken). The more diverse the culture outstands, the higher the scuttle of racial gaps seemingly surfacing in the scale of development (Alternatives).In comparison with the discussions laid on the table, it is prudent exuberant to conclude that the principal(prenominal) reason why national analysts swim in the idea of obligate one-child policy shows their greatly concern of the future of the west and the stability of its economy. in all of the variable elements and commonsensical statements logically fall into one major resound overpopulation.If diagramed in a web of complexity, the core element of the problem would be overpopulation, inter-connected with the plight of environmental, social, economical and political implications, thus give credit to the film of making America a one-child policy abiding country.ConclusionThe terror which haunts the country is a contagious disease which shall surely swallow military man if not cured in accordance with proper and crucial abbreviation in expunging the problem. Industrialization and the art of making love is a freedom vested to individuals, however, the complications comprising an unsolicited control on such hook up with unpredicted circumstances. The aforementioned essential nature of the proposition is proof enough of humanitys concern and active involvement on development and stability.Perceivably, the most crucial problem with regard to population is the issue on pollution. Given the fact that the innovation of tec hnological and machinery advancement emit a raging amount of intoxicating substance, with more people exercising such is most likely the predicted horror which will sooner or later, if not eradicated with the implementation of a policy aiding the ascending population, shall haunt the living daylights of the country in the near future.ReferencesAlternatives, Center for polity. Progressive Agenda for the States 2006 State Policy Leading America New York Center for Policy Alternatives, 2005.Fong, Vanessa. Only wish Coming of Age under Chinas One-Child Policy. 1 ed. Chicago IL Stanford University Press, 2004.Menken, Jane. military personnel Population and U.S. Policy The Choices Ahead. New York W. W. Norton & Company, 1986.

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