Friday, April 26, 2019

Starbucks in India Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Starbucks in India - Coursework ExampleIndia is said to go through big world and therefore it is not a surprise that its major products are from the agrarian sector. Most of its exports are agricultural with the textile and leather industries the leading ones. In fact, the agricultural sector in India is said to contribute close 25% of the countrys GDP. Textile intentness employs a lot of people both presently and indirectly. The other major industry in India is the chemical industry which is known to be among the oldest industries in India. The industry is known to produce about 70 000 commercial products. Food industry is also a prevalent one in India. Starbucks is a company that deals with agricultural products it has a high probability of succeeding in India. It will add to the agricultural sector and this could have influenced it (Paunikar, 2004).Indian saving has grown significantly everyplace the last one decade. The economy is actually showing promising trends that ar e attracting more and more investors to India. The economy of India has developed courtesy of agriculture and the decision of the state to eliminate socialism as well as the centralized bureaucracies which were high ineffective. Liberalization was a key factor to the growth of Indian economy since it heart-to-heart the way for foreign investors and this is a factor that could have influenced Starbucks (Paunikar, 2004).India has improved in terms of infrastructure. The roads have opened to the rural areas and it is easy for farmers to transport their agricultural goods to the markets. Mumbai and New Delhi are two towns that have an efficient railway system that can also be used for transportation purposes (Paunikar, 2004). The accessibility of these towns might be one of the factors that Starbucks considered before opening operations there.Starbucks is planning to continue expanding its presence in India and Asia in general. By the end this

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