Wednesday, April 24, 2019

OnDemand Group (ODG) Strategic report Assignment

OnDemand Group (ODG) Strategic report - Assignment ExampleOnDemand Group (ODG) is a average size British planetary house, as derived from its employees about 140, as the relevant criterion is set in the explanation of medium enterprises established by the European Union authorities (Europa 2011) the firm has managed to develop a coarse network of activities orbicularly, by continuously expanding the range of its activities and by developing important agreements with competitors in foreign markets. Currently, ODG is a member of SeaChange International, a US Corporation, a fact that has enhanced the internationalisation efforts of the organization. In UK, the media and entertainment industry, in which ODG operates is highly developed in the future, the ability of the firm to face the market pressures, both in the home(a) and the external market, will be related with the success of the internationalisation process, an initiative developed by the firms managers in order to secure the competitiveness of the organization.... This view is based on the foreign rule investment theories which emphasize on the high costs usually related to the internationalisation attempts of modern organizations it is famous that these costs can be higher from the expected benefits for this reason, it is suggested that monopolistic advantages are available to firms entering the global market, in order for the deficits caused from high costs and entry barriers to be controlled (Krist 2009, p.26). On the other hand, Prashantham (2008) explains the internationalization of firms by referring to their network relations it is made clear that firms which have an expanded network of customers, suppliers or support agencies universal (Prashantham 2008, p.34) are most likely to decide entering the global market, based on this networks support. Certain firms are likely to choose internationalization in order to enter neighbouring countries these countries, usually, have convertible cult ural characteristics with the country of origin, a fact that facilitates the internationalization process. This mode of internationalization is quite common in Scandinavian firms and it is known as sequential development internationalization model (Svetlicic et al. 2003, p.11). At this point, reference should be made to the view of Jones (2009) who noted that the internationalization of a firm should be decided at an earlier phase of organizational life because in this way the expected benefits can be increased (Jones 2009, p.41). The critical review of the internationalization efforts of OnDemand Group leads to the assumption that the particular process, which has been in progress almost since the establishment of the organization, has

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