Saturday, April 20, 2019

Discussion Essay Qustion Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Discussion Qustion - Essay ExampleThese winds argon also known to reposition their directions every now and then, especially during the night. ocean and land winds are the ones we encounter on a workaday basis. These winds are not much strong when compared with Santa Ana winds (Kissell, 2011). Santa Ana winds on the other hand flows at a surmount relatively high from the surface of the earth. These winds are dry and extremely strong. Santa Ana winds are known to originate from the inland. pronounced effects of these winds bedevil been seen in the coastal regions of Southern California. Geologists have further provided that Santa Ana winds do not give birth any specific direction (Kissell, 2011).When a wind firm wants to put a new turbine, for electricity generation, they must put into consideration the direction of the wind. For the case of land and mountain winds, the turbine should be set in a manner that allows flexibility based on the direction of the wind at that specific moment. A fixed turbine may be put in place when considering Santa Ana winds as they do not have a specific direction. Situating turbines on mountainous locations may pose the problem of power evacuation and maintenance. Sea and land winds are believed to be important since they are available on flat ground/terrains (Chiras Sagrillo & Woofenden, 2010). They are thereby used in generation of electrical energy. Implementation of the local grid is also easier on flat

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