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Management Information System Essay Example for Free

Management In practiceation System EssayIn this subject, we tackled around the schooling technology formation. base in our generation today computers is the one of the most essential in our country to send other, to film process easier and to help the moving inman/ investor, to make faster in their work. When using computer, people can come work together as if they were sitting next to each other today the net profit is a networks of networks, with a millions of servers or permanent c sufficient link, they can access a huge number from internet servers, to research, participate in electronics discussion, shop, make purchase and make payments. In an economy that produces and consumes so much nurture managers must know how to use selective instruction system and virtually every business activity without knowledge none of these activities or the conclusiveness making that underlies management is possible. Practically the only tool to handle is important resource is randomness technology they to a fault tackled all about the types of information system. There are the operation processing system, supply change management system, customer relationship management system, business intelligence system, decision support and expert system geographic information system. This types of information system gives supports one or much of this activities to transacts business with other parties , to produce in a product or services because the information that provides supports formulation of shipping resources such as personnel, funds, raw materials and vehicles. They also tackled about the telecommunication.Telecommunication is the transmittal entropy and information from one points to some other also the data communication it is transfer of data between computer and another device. In management and information system you can create a new and unique products or services that many brass instrument and individual need gives an organization a great comp etitive advantage. We also tackled about the difference between effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness is the degree to which a goal is achieve darn efficiency is determine by the relationship between resources expended and the benefits improver in achieving goal. Example, when you efficiency in your tell the teacher is an effectiveness just like in management information system. People require information for many reasons and in varied ways. In business, people and organization seek and use information specifically to make some sounddecision and to solve problems too closely related practice that form the foundations of every successful company. The computer a convenient means to execute the for main operations of information system the input, data processing, output and storage.It in business computers have changed the face of our business and personal lives as few others modern devices we have because computer is an electronic device design to accept input data process dat a, output information and store data of information for future used. We also tackled the strategies of information system the word strategy originates from Greek word strategos meaning general. A strategy is a plan to gain an advantage over the enemy other discipline especially business have borrowed the term as u know from media coverage, corporate executive often discuss actions in ways that make business competition sound like war. Business people must device decisive courses of action to cajole just as generals do. In business, a strategy is a plan design to help an organization outperform is competitors. Many strategies do not and cannot involve information system but increasingly, corporations are able to implement certain strategies such as maximizing sales and lowering cost thanks to the variety use of information system in other words better information gives corporation a competitive advantage in the market place.The internet has been the most exciting development in th e compass of information system and telecommunications the combination of advance telecommunication technology and innovative software is revolutionizing the way we communicate shop, make contracts and payments, educate, learn and conduct business. With the introduction of graphical interface on the internet world extensive web, numerous companies throughout the world have established a Net presence. The World Wide mesh became the killer application of the internet the new application brought multimedia to the internet. If without management information system in our economy many investors and businessman cannot deliver a thing at the right time.The internet was a communications network connecting government agencies, universities, and research institutions and it could transmit only text. Management information system is a beautiful subject even if not easy because in this subject is you can learn about the purpose of information system, the components of information system, the four processing, information system in business function, careers in information system. I know that this subjectis not easy to learn because it is information technology, and how to make use a computer machine. So we are so lucky because in our generation we can use a modern technology. Maam you are SMART which means Specific and Contextual, Meaningful measures, Achievable at heart the resources, Realistic and Time- Targeted.

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