Friday, April 19, 2019

Environmentally sustainable business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Environmentally sustainable business - Essay Exampleo grow the concerns about social interactions between the industry and its workers, customers, partners etc (Sustainable Aviation Progress enshroud, 2009).Hence, applying Zadeks Four Stages of rationalise Maturity framework, all issues affecting an industry could be categorised into quaternity different stages namely, latent, emerging, consolidating and institutionalised (Zadek, 2004). A latent social issue is the one that exists but has not been widely known. An emerging issue is salutary catching the attention of the public but has not been fully debated or addressed. Consolidating stage finds that the issue has been recognise but this is the time to test the efficacy of the solutions for it. And such a social issue becomes institutionalised when thither are laws and regulations to guide the implementation of its solutions in the concerned industry (Zadek, 2004). Therefore, the environmental and social issues affecting the U K air power industry are tabulated as followsAll the environmental and social issues affecting UK aviation industry sketch above can be summarized into three main headings climate change issues local environmental problems and frugal and social concerns. These issues are of utmost importance in the sense that they exert huge impacts on the environments and the economic situations in the United Kingdom.However, if all these issues receive prompt and efficient responses from the aviation industry players, it will reveal their level or extent of sustainability and social responsibility in the societies.2. The Sustainable Aviation Progress Report 2009 reveals some strategic approaches taken by UK aviation players in addressing the issues hinted above. These approaches or responses can be scoop analysed using the Sustainable Value Framework model proposed by Hart and Milstein (2003). The model is made of four major quadrants as shown below There are Today, Tomorrow, Internal and Ext ernal quadrants. What this signifies is that Today

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