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IT - Helpdesk Concepts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

IT - Helpdesk Concepts - Essay ExampleThe solution of these problems is usually hierarchical and they argon tackled as such (Sanderson, p.34). The main aim of a encourage desk or a service desk is to help guide the user to solve problems without having to consult a technician. Some help desk operate use special software that is used to enter data near the users problem. This software assigns the problem a unique tag identification that rat be used to track the problem (Beisse, p. 98). Tracking helps the bon ton follow up on the problem and check on the users progress. This improves customers feedback service. The users interaction with the systems can determine whether they will continue using the product or service, or they will stop. Therefore it is genuinely vital that the help desk monitor the users and get feedback to help them improve the system. The Call Experience. The helpdesk chosen for this news report was the Verizon helpdesk. Verizon help desk provides mobile te lephone solutions and IT solutions to various problems. The reason this was a preference was because it dealt with the two aspects. This would provide a comprehensive view of how a typical interaction would go. After I made the call, the response took more or less 8 to 10 seconds. This is considered good time because the typical wait period is about 20 seconds. The response however sometimes depends on the amount of user traffic to the systems at the time. After the response the joint contiguous welcomed me to their help desk and explained their purpose and the services they provide. I found this info useful because they gave a comminuted explanation of the services they provided. They also guaranteed good service and delivery. This information is useful to a new user who is non aware of the exact services the company provides. After the welcome message they offered more information about their product. This provided good insight, though I found that the time they take to tal k about their services may be a bit too long and could use some reduction. This can be an inconvenience when the caller is in a hurry to get an urgent problem solved. After the messages about their services, the voice prompt gave the option of a preferred language. This is an essential feature in the help desk structure, because not all users are native speakers. They might not be able to cover all the languages only when they can have a facility for the main languages used. This will cater for non English speaking users. The prompt gave the option of using 1 for English and 2 for Spanish. After insistence 1 for English, the prompt asked me to affirm my number and password. This is an essential security feature, because someone might be using you phone to make the call. hindrance of identity is one of the initial steps taken when contacting a help desk. This helps with identifying you correctly, and opening a tag end for you. The ticket is used as a reference to that session. Af ter number verification, I was asked to specify sign of service. The options offered were 1 for wireless phones and 2 for residential phones. These options cater for all the types of users that are catered for by Verizon. After pressing 1 for the wireless option, the prompt asked me to press 1 for prepaid services, 2 for postpaid services and chop to go back to the main menu. This distinction is essential for users. This is due to the difference in problems that might be experienced in the two services. The hash option to go back to the

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