Sunday, May 12, 2019

Assignment (Microeconomics) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

(Micro sparings) - Assignment ExampleThe fall in the worths of butter could also be ascribable to the changes in the run and demand as when the prices started to increase, more and more makers volition be willing to supply the butter in the market thus driving down the prices and restoring the equilibrium in the market.Another realizable explanation of the same can be found in the substitute goods as when the price of butter is increasing, the demand for the substitute product i.e. margarine may also be increasing. However, when the demand for margarine has started to decrease, the price of butter also fell.In perfectly competitive markets there are large number of sellers and buyers interchange homogenous products. Further, everyone has the complete information about the market. In such a situation, the economic increase will last disappear because when bare(a) cost equals marginal revenue (equilibrium condition in the perfect markets) the economic profits will be zero. Fu rther, since there are large number of sellers and buyers therefore if one producer charges higher, more sellers will come into the market and drive the profits down and eventually economic profit will disappear.Marginal principle states that profits will be maximized when marginal cost is equal to the marginal revenue. When marginal revenue is higher than the marginal cost, the producer will produce more units of goods and will eventually force the prices to come down to the level of marginal cost. Thus producer will decide the labor of any good based on the marginal cost i.e. as long as it is dismantle than marginal revenue, firm will adjust its production to achieve until both are equal.Since medium unsettled cost is greater than price, firm should shut down its production because it is not even recovering its average variable cost. The accountants statement is flawed in the sense that she is equating total

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