Monday, May 13, 2019

Algorithm Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

algorithmic program - Assignment ExampleThe time taken for reversing the array would be linear to the length of the posteriority at each round. The time taken for palindromic check would also be linear to half of the length of the subsequence returned at each round. Hence, the total time for the algorithm would be O (n2).For the subsequence x ij to be palindromic, the atom xi should be equal to xj, the division x i+1 should be equal to x j-1 and so on. Hence, to depend L (i, j), the elements x i and the element x j are first checked for equality. If equal, then we can aver that L (i, j) holds at least a minimum value of 2 and the equality check is tell for the next element x i+1 and x j-1. If not equal, it is concluded that at least peer slight of the element is not included in the palindrome. In that case, we are interested in repeating the check for elements xi and x j-1 as well as x i+1 and x j as we are not sure which element is not included in the palindrome. In the worst case, if none of the elements match, then L (i, j) is equal to 1 as every element is a palindrome of itself.Complexity analysis As the computation involves two for loops, one rail n-1 times which is O (n) and the other running n-s times which is also O (n), the total running time for the algorithm would be O (n2).Let be the median of x1, x2, x3.... As median occurs at i= (n+1)/2, we can say that on that point are (n+1)/2 -1 element smaller the median and there are n-(n+1)/2 elements larger than Sum of the weights of the elements lesser than the median can be written asFrom the above analysis in (a), we found that the sum of the weights of all elements smaller than the weighted median is less than . Similarly the weight of all elements larger than the median is also less than 1/2.We can imagine xk by recursively calling the deterministic SELECT to compute the regular median. In each round, the array is dual-lane into two halves around the calculated median xm and the actual media n xk

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