Friday, May 10, 2019

Communication, Conflict and Decision-Making Essay

Communication, infringe and Decision-Making - Essay ExampleAt this juncture, we will acknowledge that communication meets some barriers, which hinders powerful delivery of information to the intended parties. Unsuccessful communication results in divergence of opinions or ideas among the come to parties. In communication, conflict results when there is a dissonance or incompatibility of ideologies and beliefs held by the parties involved. Although conflict may results in both negative and positive consequences, this social dissonance may enhance maturity of social skills among the involved individuals. Conflict management entails employment of mechanisms that facilitate development of positive consequences from a social disagreement. Effective conflict management exercises enhance learning among members of a society on how to handle incompatible opinions in future. Conflict management incorporates the aspect of decision making in solving an underlying problem. A conflict ends su bsequently one or both parties involved select the best course of action from the available pick courses of action (James, 2009).From a theoretical perspective, conflicts form an inherent element in social relationship. Within every given social setting, people subscribe to different beliefs and values in life. Therefore, conflicts arise in any society comprising of members with varied philosophical patterns (Erich, 2011). Courtesy of cultural norms, individuals possess natural mechanisms meant to facilitate conflict reply processes whenever a conflict arises. Effective communication forms the basis of conflict resolution mechanisms. It is through a health conveyance of information between two parties that a conflict reaches a positive end (Stacks & Michael, 2008). I applied some theoretical elements of conflict resolution in past social experiences unknowingly. As a student, I usually fall into conflict situations with friends and

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