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Stateless nation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Stateless nation - Research Paper Example In this paper, much focus will be on the stateless nation of Kurds (Natali 70). The Kurds hence are a group of ancient non-Arabs that are mostly Sunni Muslims. In terms of geographical distribution, they are sparsely distributed across several states in Turkey, Iran and Iraq, while a few others exist in Syria, Armenia, and Azerbaijan (Koohzad 180). Therefore, an annotated bibliography of the Kurds will be summarized in this paper to provide a clear picture of the stateless nation of Kurds. Aristova, T. and David Testen. "Kurds." Encyclopedia of World Cultures (1996): 234-260. In the Encyclopedia of world cultures, an overview of Kurds is provided. The paper clearly provides the population statistics of the Kurds back then in 1989 (Aristove 235). It goes forth and provides their distribution in the various regions which they occupy: USSR, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia and Moldova (Aristove 245). The article also provides a brief overview of their linguistic affiliation. It continues father to give a discussion of their history plus their cultural relations. Furthermore, the encyclopedia also provides a brief yet detailed overview of their language, literacy, settlements, economy, religion and finally their culture (Aristove 256). Koohzad, M. "Kurds." The International Journal of Kurdish Studies (2008): 22 (1), 173-192. In this journal article, Koohzad provides an overview of the Kurdish culture and society. From various researches conducted by various people, the journal article manages to provide evidenced information in regard to the Kurds fiasco (Koohzad 183). It encompasses a detailed overview of the Kurdish language, the society and its history. In addition, much interest is drawn to it in regard to their anthropology. Furthermore, it provides an overview in regard to its stateless nature and some of the efforts put forth by Kurds in regard to nation building (Koohzad 191). Natali, Den ise. The Kurds And the State: Evolving National Identity in Iraq, Turkey, And Iran. New York: Syracuse University Press, 2005. Print. This book provides an evolutionary explanation of the Kurdish nationalism, showing that contrary to the popular beliefs and theories in regard to the Kurds, as it supports the fact that their nothing fixed or natural in regard to Kurdish identity or whatever nationalism they assume (Natali 67). The author of this book argues that the given nationalism of the Kurdish people might have been shaped through the existence of other nation states and the need to have their own. it goes further to explain the political, and cultural aspects of the Kurds in detail (Natali 69). Reynolds, James. "Defiance in Turkey's Kurdish heartland." 11 October 2012. 1 April 2013 . In this article written by Reynolds James, an overview of the stateless region of Kurdish and its inhabitants it’s provided and a detailed explanation provided on why they were be ing defiant to the existing Turkish government. The article starts by the editor enquiring the identity of a certain child, of which refuted as saying he was not Turkish, and insisted he was Kurdish (Reynolds). It continues by providing a history into the birth of the stateless nation Kurds and

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