Thursday, September 12, 2019

Multinational company Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Multinational company - Research Paper Example In order to find out reasons for divergence in work attitude of Japanese and German employees, the study has also assessed professional orientation of employees from mentioned countries. In the final section, on the basis of theoretical and empirical research findings, a relativistic overtime payment model has been proposed. Implementation of the recommended model has also been discussed in the report. Concept of statistical performance management has been used to formulate the proposed recommendation. Almost 30 years ago, Hofstede (1980) had developed the concept of cultural dimensions in order to understand ways in which cultural and personal orientation of people differs with change in geographic locations. In such context, Dong and Liu (2010) argued that organizational leaders not only need to manage cultural diversity, but also have to deal with diversity of expectations of employees nourished in different cultural dimensions. Consideration of research works of Jamal (2005) reveals the fact that, multi-national enterprises (MNEs) face three levels of problems in managing cultural diversity such as, cross-cultural knowledge sharing, development of team collaboration among cross-cultural employee pool and standard reward system for all employees. It is evident from the theoretical argument that MNEs face range of difficulties while managing different perspectives of cross-cultural diversity within organizational environment. In such a backdrop, a new leader of an organization h as approached the researcher, who is working as a consultant, to develop a report by evaluating reasons for the employees in Japan and Germany to have different attitudes towards work. From previous study, it has been found that Japanese employees are happy to work additional hours without pay, while German employees expect to be paid for every extra hour of work. As part of the report, the study will use the concept of cultural dimensions in order to understand

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