Sunday, September 8, 2019

HRD Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

HRD - Essay Example Different strategies are widely used by organizations to help individuals realize their full potential for working so that it will foster the individuality and yet enhance the effectiveness within particular contexts. Swanson and Holton (p. 4) defined HRD as an HRM strategy that focuses on developing and unleashing knowledge, skill and expertise for the purpose of improving individual, team, work process and organizational system performance. According to this definition, HRD is an approach to create and foster high performance working in an organization. International Labour Organisation (p. 1) emphasized that HRD involves issues such as education, training, recruitment, staffing, performance and career development etc. All the different development programs can improve work-standard of the people in an organization, and as a result, the organization would be able to achieve high performance working, as pointed out in the definition of Swanson and Holton. What makes human capital the more powerful assets in the organization? It is the knowledge they have, the skill they are born with, the abilities expertise they earned and so on. Physical development of the human resources in an organization is not as significant as developing their knowledge, skill and expertise. Organizations need to improve these qualities of human capital as these can increase the productivity, work standard and thus to achieve high performance working as well. As Reid, Barrington and Brown (p. 12- 14) education, training, skill-development are some of the main elements in the HRD that are meant to improve the quality human resources. It is simply a strategic approach to effectively utilizing the

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