Wednesday, September 25, 2019

International fashion textiles Marketing Literature review

International fashion textiles Marketing - Literature review Example Internationalization Process Internationalization process is a particular brand development process considering from the local or domestic market place to international market place. This internationalization process used to provide international activity analysis depending upon the market penetration. International environment will generate valuable experience about the learning global strategy. For an example, an organization can gain valuable experiences in order to identify the social problems in various countries (Pride and Ferrell, 2011, p.248). Based on several literatures, internationalization process can be defined as the specific process to increase the involvement of a brand or an organization in global operations. Generally, this internationalization process comprises of a sensible planning perspective, which can help the organization to make effective strategic decisions in order to improve the organizational performance. It indicates that, the organization has internati onalized their business operations based on the strategy development (Hill and Jones, 2011, p.149). It generally supports the predefined long-term objectives of the organization. In a very much simple and similar attempt, the literatures have proposed s strategic planning process framework for the luxurious fast-fashion and textile organizations or brands that has internationalized their business operation around the globe. Exclusively, the initiative frameworks that have been proposed by the literatures depict the internationalization trend for the both born-global and gradual global luxurious fashion and textile organizations. An international strategic planning process allows several potential organizations to increase the incremental operation involvement in a very concrete manner (Behrens, 2009, p.71). These strategies only can be implemented after achieving significant success in the home or domestic market. It has been effectively revealed that the incremental process of inte rnationalization planning develops by the learning via commitment over longer period of times. In this way, the fashion and textile retailers used to construct a strong base in the domestic market (Etemed, 2005, p.62). Moreover, this strategy and process help the organiza6tions to focus on the expansion of business operations on other potential geographic areas either within the country or any other potential international area. The growth of business performance level in the domestic market used to motivate the organizations to make an international footprint around the globe. Therefore, an incremental planning structure can significantly provide the luxury fashion or the textile retail organizations an effective understanding about the competency and several aspects of a local market place (Kapferer, 2008, p.34). Moreover, it helps to identify various innovative strategies that can be effective enough to implement in the international business expansion process. There are several drawbacks that exist in the incremental planning structure. The fashion and textile retailers may not be able to execute the same strategy in terms of global market. In order to support this concept, Bell et al. (2003) has argued that, in the incrementa

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