Friday, August 9, 2019

Media Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Media - Research Paper Example Despite the conventional assumption that social media suited the Millennial Generation, it is evident that Baby boomers have adopted social media as the contemporary form of communication. The question relating to the means in which social media has shaped an individual’s life shares almost similar answers from everyone who utilizes social media. As such, it is evident that social media has shortened communication channels, making it easier to reach out to people at low costs regardless of the physical distance. For instance, communicating abroad through mobile networks require additional charges unlike social media whereby all that is needed is a reliable internet connection. The reduced costs of communication that accompany social media have enhanced social interaction among peers. As such, social media has removed some of the inherent barriers to effective communication among individuals who could not afford the extra costs of communicating with people abroad. Social media has been embraced in the business world to enhance the process of establishing a global market. As such, various social media play different role in ensuring that the intended message is communicated as desired. For instance, Facebook and Twitter allow users to communicate in short messages also termed as â€Å"Micro blogs.† On the other hand, Instagram allows users to communicate in form of picture messages. LinkedIn takes a different approach and creates a platform for work professionals to share their profiles. As such, every aspect of social media is differentiated to ensure that the user needs are met without overlapping. The functions of different social media ensure that the services offered are all round, making it a comprehensive communication platform. Social media, being a comprehensive communication platform, has myriad drawbacks besides boasting of numerous benefits. The most evident benefit of social media is

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