Thursday, August 29, 2019

Annotated Bibliography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 15

Annotated Bibliography - Essay Example Ka-Kui discusses the concept of organized retail crime as the large scale theft of consumer goods and how it can be addressed. The author portrays shoplifting in Hong Kong as a problem occasioned by the existence of organized groups of professional shoplifters. The negative implications of organized crime can be reduced by using technology such as installing surveillance cameras. Most of the responses to these crimes come from the retailers with little input from the government. This gap is of particular importance to the anticipated research study. Ka-Sing addresses the various ways through which losses arising from shoplifting can be reduced. The approach used in the paper focuses on early identification of the shoplifters using such features as the physical appearance and signs of panic. The paper further categorizes the type of people that are most likely to shoplift and the reasons for their doing so. The paper approaches the problem by analyzing the methods that shoplifters use and uses the results to propose ways of curbing it. Overall, the paper is essential in our research objective of reducing shoplifting losses. The authors focus on diverting shoplifters as an effective strategy to respond to the problem of shoplifting. The research incorporated the input of public and private partners in coming up with promising alternatives in responding to low-level retail theft. The idea of the paper is to work with law enforcement agencies in tackling shoplifting. The role of legislation is particularly useful in the anticipated

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