Saturday, August 24, 2019

Business ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Business ethics - Essay Example The paper tells that the 21st century workplace is a dynamic one and throws new scenarios and challenges every day. There are numerous ethical problems that arise and the decision making needs to be supported by strong ethical principles for everyone involved to be benefited. There are various ethical principles ad theories that have been discussed in great detail in theory and these needs to be applied in every day decision making. Moral and ethics is not always about being right/wrong or true/false but has numerous other considerations and factors such as feelings, preferences, resolutions, demand and many more. The details of the case: the researcher has been working as housing officer with a housing department for two years. During this time the researcher has developed a close friendship with John who is a manager of a local hostel. There had been an opening in my department and John had told me that he would apply for the position. He fears that his current job is at risk as hi s organization has financial difficulties. As the current opening in the researcher’s department needed a degree qualification, the researcher had figured that John would not get the position as he did not have a degree. But the researcher found out yesterday that John has got the job and one of the main reasons for it is his claim that he has Business administration degree from a top British University. The researcher believes John has lied in his application and interview.... Employee loyalty, moral obligation/duty, obedience, honesty, legal responsibility, etc are the various ethics involved in this response. This response is in accordance to the moral theory of obligation. One of the most basic elements of the moral fabric of our society is not to lie. It is very clear that John has lied in order to get the job. This is not just a lie but also a fraud and deception. Fraud and deception of any form violate ethical custom and law (SAGE, 2011). Any responsible citizen of a society, irrespective of being an employee of the organization or not, has a moral obligation to the society to stop or act such incidents that affect the value system of the society. Such incidents if not acted upon set a bad example in the society. So even if I was not an employee of the company, it would be my responsibility to bring the issue to the notice of the concerned. As mentioned above it is the moral duty, not just in an organization but in our society, to tell the truth. Mos t ordinary rule of â€Å"ethical custom† is telling the truth (Snoeyenbos & Humber, 2001). If an employee is aware of a lie that is been told to his employer, then the rule of ethical custom imposes a moral duty on the employee to tell the truth. Knowing about the lie and not reporting would question my honesty. Even though I am not directly involved, I would still be dishonest if I don’t act on this issue. Also I owe my loyalty to my employer. As every employee expects his employer to be loyal to him and take care of his needs and necessities so do the employer. Employee loyalty is a legitimate and coherent concept. Organizations expect employees to be loyal to the organization and vice versa. Simple obligations of loyalty that come with a job are to act in such a

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