Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Construction Industry, Climate Change and use of Renewable Energy Essay

Construction Industry, Climate Change and use of Renewable Energy Options - Essay Example Since origination, humans have been involved in various activities, utilizing the physical as well as the mental part. The activities only transformed our globe from a primitive one to developed one. But, one can see that these activities not only resulted in development but have also have caused destructions to our earth. That is, in his/her quest to achieve advancement, humans have invented or inventing many tools and are also developing rapidly in particular fields. But, unfortunately, the same tools and the developing fields are damaging human lives and the earth’s environment, which sustain the lives. One of the ‘developing fields’, which contributes to damages is the construction field or industry. The fact is, â€Å"the construction industry are generating close to one-third of all the waste in Britain while 20% of new building materials on the average building site are simply thrown away at the end of the job† (Seager 2007). Also, the important part s of the construction industry, lighting and heating of buildings have to lead to the generation of 50% of Britains carbon dioxide emissions. Most of the firms of the construction industry are following the plan, â€Å"three zeros - zero carbon, zero water and zero waste," with the changes made by the industry itself, as government legislation would take too long (Seager 2007).The use of eco-damaging products and faulty coordination by the construction industry is bringing in host of problems to the people mainly in the form of global warming. â€Å"The Stern Report, by Sir Nicholas Stern, the World Bank’s former chief economist, says the lack of coordination between elements of the industry creates poor quality, energy-inefficient buildings†¦ With no action, each tonne of carbon dioxide we emit will cause at least  £45 of damage† (Miller).  

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