Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Negotiation in Action

Negotiation in Action One of my most substantial accomplishments is that I learned significant concepts and principles of negotiation during the course. Negotiation process and a variety of tactics that I learned in class or through the textbook, Getting to Yes, were definitely helpful for improving my understanding of negotiation and its strategy. Another important accomplishment is that I have learned what I couldn’t have learned from lectures or textbooks through negotiation simulations.I prepared a lot for each negotiation and tried to follow the strategy that I had set up in advance. After negotiations, I tried to identify what worked, what didn’t and how I could improve next time. I have kept a list of successes and mistakes and I have eventually become more confident in a variety of negotiation situations. While negotiating, I have been more like a soft positional negotiator who emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining a better relationship, trying n ot to hurt other’s feelings.My unique set of negotiation skills are : ? polite, positive and active attitude, ? a good listener and ? thinking of the other’s position. During the process of negotiation simulations, I have always tried to listen more actively and acknowledge more carefully what is being said by the partner. If I pay attention more, the partner will also feel the satisfaction of being heard and understood. However, I realized that I need to balance my position better according to different situations.I have learned that constructively initiating positional bargaining is essential and approaching to solutions according to my position is more effective in negotiation process. In addition, I have learned not only that negotiating with partners cooperatively and competitively is one of the most significant factors for successful negotiation but that cultivating good relationships for the future is very important as well. To do so, I need to effectively manag e emotions in disputes and favorably understand cultural differences.I would like to set two top priority goals for my future negotiation. One is that, thinking about a variety of tactics such as â€Å"BATNA†, ZOPA, and etc. , I will always try to find an optimal solution, which is â€Å"win-win† for both sides, instead of arguing over my position and pursuing only my own interests. The other priority is that I will establish healthy personal and professional relationships in my life, having a positive and active attitude, understanding people, appreciating their wants, identifying their needs and learning about their background and what makes them who they are.Recommendation Letter I strongly recommend this course. This course is designed to cover the range of negotiation situations and issues faced by managers and decision makers. This course explores negotiations in many contexts: simple personal transactions, public and private sector collective bargaining, resolvi ng disputes. I was able to develop tactics and strategies for becoming an effective negotiator and have confidence in the ability to analyze negotiations in a variety of contexts and to conduct successful negotiations.

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