Wednesday, October 9, 2019

My Favorite Movie The Million Pound Note Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

My Favorite The Million Pound Note - Movie Review Example After some time, he comes across Oliver and Roderick wealthy British brothers. The two brothers take advantage of Adams situation and try to experiment out their theories on Adam. The brothers take advantage of their status to acquire a note printed one million pounds from the bank. The first brother Oliver purports that the idea of owning a note of such a value is a key to the owner receiving whatever he requires, however, the second brother Roderick, expresses that the owner of the million pound note is bound to spend the money in order to attain whatever he needs. Adams gets the note, but under one condition from the brothers, he must keep it for a period of one month without using it till the brothers’ return. Everything changes from that point on, people coming in contact with Adam; treat him with a lot of respect since he is now a millionaire. Whenever he needs a good or a service it is efficient for him since he only needs to show out the million pound note. This trend goes on and in the process his popularity grows all over Britain to the extent of being invited to socialize with the nobility. In particular, he meets up with the English nobility and the American Ambassador. The intriguing life of Henry Adams is disrupted one time when he is unable to produce his note at a critical moment when it is needed at the stock market (Molyneaux 125). One of the main reasons I like this movie is its classical nature, all the characteristics and issues, which are expected to be in a classical film are embedded in this one. Gregory Peck is one of my best classical actors. Since I am a fan of classical music, the movie is more appealing with the use of classical music as the soundtrack. I also like the idea of old eliminated denominations used in the movie, the comparison of the value of money at that time and today is funny and absurd. The movie’s running time of one hour thirty minutes is convenient for me; the time is enough for me to watch without getting bored or restless. This movie inspires me when I think of the downfalls and unfortunate situations, which Adam had gone through before he met up with the eccentric brothers and his life changed for the better (Molyneaux 122). I am a lover of comedy movies such as The Million Pound Note, and the central actor who gives me laughter in the whole movie is Henry Adams. An interesting part in that movie is the scene in which Adam takes a meal in a restaurant after which he is asked to pay for it. An irony that brings out laughter is when Adam has to pay some small amount for the food he has eaten, but he only has the million pound note. He apologizes to the waiter that he does not have any small denomination to pay for the bill. It is a fun moment in that the person saying that he only has a million pound note, some days back could not claim anything as his own. Another interesting episode in this movie is the scene in which Adam is not recognized or welcomed when he enters a suit store. The situation changes when he shows out his million pound note. I like the fact that Adams is later treated like a king in the suit store when the attendants notice his million pound note, they bring out the best suits in the store to Adam. The climax of fun moments in the movie, which I like is when Adam is at the stock mark

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