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Medications errros Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Medications errros - Essay Example Available literature about medical errors states that emergency department often faces the challenge of medical errors. The intensity of the work conducted in the emergency department is one of the factors that may lead to medical errors. Emergency department is prone to medical errors because of the involvement of the individual medical practitioners . The influx pattern in the emergency department is another factor that influences the number or errors committed in this department. Some arguments about medical errors committed in the emergency department attest to the fact that medical professionals attending to patients on the emergency department often feel bored because of the inconsistent number of patients that the department receives. According to renowned scholar Norman, human beings always err (Schenkel, 2000). Thus, by considering this fact in mind, the medical professionals should be extra vigilant when handling patients. Medical errors such as wrong prescriptions are avoidable if the medical professional pays more attention to the patients. Other errors include over dosage, application of wrong procedures when handling a casualty, excessive and x-ray penetrations among others. First, is to understand the source of the error and develop means of avoiding the causes of errors. Second, create a possibility to undo actions. Third, create an environment, which may lead to tracing of the errors. Fourth, change the trends about errors (Schenkel, 2000). Critics argue that training is essential in eliminating some of the errors committed by medical professionals. Written report, for instance is important when handling a patients. Doctors or nurses may use the written document to identify the requirement of the patient. Personal responsibility is essential in defining the number of errors committed. By exercising care when handling a patient, errors arising from negligence would be avoidable. The safety of the patients is very essential. When

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