Friday, July 26, 2019

Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 5

Proposal - Essay Example Online transactions are fast. E-coin being an online transaction technology, is, therefore, fast (Raszl, para.1). I am suggesting that Goldman should consider investing in E-coin technology. The reason is that Goldman’s may experience the threat of competition from its competitors who may use this technology and take way Goldman, existing customers. Goldman should do the implementation of the technology for the customers so that it may deter the loss of customers to its competitors (Thomas, p.9). The first benefit is that; many of the currencies worldwide lose value with time. With E-coin, it is slowly growing. There are only about twenty million E-coins globally. E-coin is not at the risk of losing the value like the currencies. A significant number of the user across the globe has adopted the E-coin technology. In fact, there are more than twenty million users of E-Coin worldwide. On top of that, there are many transactions done via E-Coin (About 120,000 operations per day) as by March, 2015 by those numerous users of E-Coin investment. Due to that reason, Goldman Sachs should introduce the technology to fly over its competitors by getting customers who are using E-coin. E-coin is also fast to use. Transacting with E-coin is faster since any customer can make payment of goods and services with no need of to visit the Goldman. An individual just need to make payment for the comfort of his/ her place. The speed of this online transaction makes E-coin more convenient. Due to a high rate growth of E-Coin various components, any business ought to react towards it (Thomas, pp.9-12). Many investment company executives are studying the E-Coin technology in order to see whether it is economically feasible to be in their company. It is, therefore, crucial for Goldman Sachs to take action before its competitors and get more customers just local. Since E-coin is not taxable by

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