Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Buddhism Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Buddhism - Research Paper Example This essay explores the Buddhism. The highlighting point was not to pray but to have control on one's mind. In this regard, it was more regarded as world philosophy rather than as religion. But with passing time, it obtained the character of a religion inclusive of rituals and dogmas. (Keown, p. 23 ) The life history of Gautama Buddha was full of events. The most effective institution that Lord Buddha recognized during his life span was the monastic order called Sangha into which all men were permitted to go in irrespective of their social order. The members of this monastic order, Sangha, were called as Bhikkus which meant beggars, who had to have a very tough life, without having any kind of desires. The daily needs of the Bhikkus were very limited, they get only that much which is necessary for one to survive physically. Their only belongings were an entreating bowl, loin cloth of yellow color, one walking stick, when and wherever if necessary and one pair of beach sandals for the ones who need the most. They had to maintain themselves by the alms they received but were prohibited from explicitly pleading for alms. If the alms were given willingly then they need to get accepted and if not given willingly the Bhikkus need to shift their focus onto the next address. Thus it turn ed out to be a little clergy, but which was nothing like its Hindu matching part which was not based upon social group and was tilted towards the activities of the missionary rather than focusing on the presentation and maintenance of rituals. (Smith and Novak, pp. 40-45; Keown, pp. 23 ) During the lifetime of Lord Buddha, the beginning of Buddhism from other types of devotion which made up Hinduism was more or less complete. This took the outline of non-acknowledgment of any embodied Gods or Goddesses, spirits or evil spirits and the near lack of rites and rituals, denial of the class system and the powerful disciple act of monks which consisted representation of societal service with the aim of mitigation of human pain. Another noteworthy feature was that in initial stages, all supporters of Lord Buddha were enrolled as the members of Sangha and therefore it was entirely a religion of the disciples. (Smith and Novak, pp. 40-45; Keown, pp. 25-30 ) From its beginning, Buddhism has a cknowledged royal benefaction. In the entire lifetime of Lord Buddha, Ajatashatru was the ruler of one of the most powerful kingdom of North India called Magadha where Buddhism was patronized and after few years where Lord Buddha attained Nirvana (the Salvation), the foremost religious committee of Buddhists was being held at Rajagriha, which was, at that point, the capital of Magadha, ruled by Ajatashatru. Such councils were the point to formulate and revise Buddhist religious policy which was

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