Monday, July 29, 2019

Intellectual property commircialisation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Intellectual property commircialisation - Essay Example These elements are critical in ensuring sustainable growth and product security from unwarranted imitations or claimer of discontent. In particular, patent which is an exclusive right given for invention and production of goods including services is vital for the development of air purifiers. Patent rights give the innovator the authority to claim ownership of the idea and production of the products. Consequently, it provides requisite capacity that prohibits competitors or unknown individuals to claim ownership of a company’s idea. Company A, should integrate its practices to ensure that its innovations and creative idea is protected adequately under patent regulations rights (Andersen 2006)2. This draws a distinction between property owners and developers from unscrupulous individuals who seek to benefit from unwarranted sources. Similarly, Company A, should adopt trade secret system of property security, which is a viable form of IP. The element provides superior protection system to property invention and production guidelines that facilitate limited imitation. It protects innovative ideals of production from various individuals who would adopt such standards for competitive purposes. Ideally, Trade secret facilitates company’s and product registration and protects its information from being accessed by various competitors. The element would contribute in protecting the air purifier concept and development. Additionally, effective trademark system that equivocally defines an institution and its core products is also viable. IP form aids registration of the company’s by names and product portfolios to ensure distinct identity. Therefore, the elements are vital in ensuring superior management of air purifier identity in the company. Electric air purifier is a comprehensive model that is made up of various parts and accessories that facilitate its functioning. Its parts includes odor absorber plus,

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