Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Strategic Management of Economy Hotel in China Essay

The Strategic Management of Economy Hotel in China - Essay ExamplePresentation and analysis of investigate methods 45 3.2.1 Research Strategy 45 3.2.2 Research Philosophy 46 3.2.3 Data collection 47 3.2.4 Research Sampling 50 3.2.5 Data analysis 51 3.2.6 Ethical considerations 53 3.2.7 Limitations of Research 54 Chapter 4 Findings and Discussion 55 4.1 Introduction 55 4.2 Demographic Findings Home inns 55 4.3 cogitation Questionnaire Findings Homes Inn 58 4.3.1 Role of External Factors 58 4.3.2 Role of Internal Factors 59 4.3.3.Ability to Cater Organizational Mission 59 4.3.4 Achieving Objectives 59 4.3.5 Strategy Consultation 59 4.3.6 ossification 60 4.3.7 Feedback 60 4.3.8 Training and Development 61 4.3.9 Daily Briefings 61 4.3.10 Project Reports 61 4.4 Descriptive Statistics Homes Inn 62 4.5 Interview Analysis Homes Inn 64 4.5.1 Influence of External Factors on Strategic Management 64 4.5.2 Influence of Internal Factors on Strategic Management 64 4.5.3 Homes Inns Mission 65 4. 5.4 Homes Inns Objectives 65 4.5.5 Strategy Development Process 66 4.5.6 Policy Structure and its Stakeholders 66 4.5.7 Training and Development Programs Offered to the Employees 67 4.5.8 Homes Inns Organizational Structure 67 4.5.9 Budgeting and Costing of Strategy Development and Implication 68 4.5.10 Implementation of Strategic Plan 68 4.5.11 implementation Evaluation Systems 68 4.5.12 Issue Identification Mechanism 69 4.5.13 Feedback Mechanism 69 4.6 Demographic Finding China Lodging Group 69 4.7 Survey Questionnaire Findings China Lodging Group 72 4.7.1 Role of External Factors 72 4.7.2 Role of External Factors 73 4.7.3 Ability to Cater Organizational Mission 73 4.7.4 Achieving Objectives 73 4.7.5 Strategy Consultation 74 4.7.6 Compliance 74 4.7.7 Feedback 74 4.7.8 Training and Development 75 4.7.9 Daily Briefings 75 4.7.10 Project Reports 75 4.8... This research will begin with the statement that it is the beauty of a countrys development and growth, that it provides enormous opportunities to the businesses within national borders to expand the size of their business. In addition, brisk businesses also come into existence which speeds up the process of developmental efforts. At one hand, manufacturing industry experiences the best time in its business life cycle, on the other hand, provides the services celestial sphere to put efforts on research and development. By doing this, service sector ensures that it delivers state of the art services which cannot be matched by the competitors. For this purpose, strategic management and its utilization for developing unique and value adding service structures become important. When a country is in growing stage, the about beneficial and profitable sector is considered to be the hospitality and food industry. This is because, with growth and development, a country receives a large number of foreign tourists and delegates, who are visiting the country for business or pleasure. In addition, tourists and business travelers also travel from one city to another, which increases the requirement for accommodation and food facilities. China is considered as one of the biggest country of the world, population wise, and is the most speedily developing country of the world. China provides enormous opportunities to investors for making beneficial investments in the businesses. On the other hand, China has natural sights that attract millions of tourists each year.

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