Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Identtifying a Nation's Possibilities. Costa Rica Essay

Identtifying a Nations Possibilities. rib Rica - Essay ExampleIn 1969, a constitutional amendment was adopted to limit to a single term the length of a Presidents and Legislators tenure. This prohibition was however overturned in April 2003 effectively paving the way for the President to seek a second term. In that election, Oscar Arias Sanchez trustworthy 40% of the popular vote. The next elections are slated for February 2010.Costa Rica has a unicameral legislative Assembly. The assembly at full seating has fifty-seven (57) members. The members are elected by direct popular vote to a single four-year term. The Legislature writes and enacts laws for the country. Elections into the Costa Rica Legislative Assembly were held in 5 February 2006, the next scheduled poll are to be in 2010. Costa Rica does not have provincial legislature, they were abolished in 1998.The Costa Rican Judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature. Costa Rica highest court is the Corte Suprema or Supreme Court. The court is composed of twenty-two (22) elected Justices. The Justices are elected by for renewable eight-year terms. The terms are only renewable by the Legislative Assembly. Costa Ricas legal system is based on Spanish civil law. There is judicial review of legislative acts in the Supreme Court. Costa Rica is also a signatory of the International Criminal Justice jurisdiction.Although Costa Rica has no military the Federal Government maintains a domestic Police labor and an armed National Guard. President Jose Figueres Ferrer abolished the army in after the 1948 civil war. The abolition became an act of the constitution in 1949. Current President Oscar Arias Sanchez declared celestial latitude 1 as the Military abolition day.Costa Ricas political parties are very ideological with nationalist, progressive, libertarian, socialist and leftist agendas. The leading parties include Citizen go through Party (PAC), Costa Rican Renovation Party (PRC), Democratic Force Party (PFD), General Union Party ( PUGEN),

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