Saturday, December 21, 2019

Oral History Paper Mary Patricia Wright - 1774 Words

Oral History Paper Born in the south of Louisiana, and then raised for the rest of her life down here in the Bay Area. My grandma, Patricia Wright, gave me the opportunity to interview her about life and the up bringing as a black child, black teen and a black woman in her era. With my research I went through some of the sources from in class discussions,but happen to relate more with other scholarly sources. I was able to get deep and discuss how it was for her socially, economically, politically, and culturally where she lived. Patricia, known as Nana was born in New Orleans, Louisiana with her mother and three siblings. Down in the South they were big on family, and always supported each other. Though she lived with her mother, she†¦show more content†¦As a child she didn t feel too much animosity coming from white people, but always knew everything always had to be separate. â€Å"Whites lived on the town’s small rise (it couldn t be a called a hill), while bla ck lived in what had been called known since slavery as â€Å"the Quarters.†(Maya Angelou) Living in Berkeley allowed her to be free, and express herself tin order for her to be comfortable. Even though there were some difference between the white people, she got along with the hippies. Without witnessing harsh racism from her fellow coworkers this would be the first time around hearing,black people talking proper was acting white. Another aspect coming from the South to the West coast, there was more surveillance on the children with their academics. Whereas when she had to look out for her siblings she witnessed, when kids were being bad so bad in school some would have to be held back. The school in her neighborhood more colored kids got in trouble, and no one would do anything, she knew it wasn t right because if they were white they would have been talked to and given a chance. When she came out to California she became a young adult at the age of 24, and was granted a job at Berkeley College as a teacher assistant in the science, and math department. She was able to find long term friends, and get in touch with her being an activist, strong mother, and a liberal fighter. She got involved with supporting her Black students anyway she could,

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