Thursday, November 21, 2019

Historical review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Historical review - Essay Example His father would not leave his son alone either and chose to remain with him. The design was poor as it seems the gas chambers had been converted from something else probably a morgue as there were no doors, windows or even any other form of ventilation. There were no any signs of the place being coated to prevent gas from leaking. They lacked exhaust systems to let out the gas after being used and also lacked heaters or heating systems as well and hence the place was damp. The free-standing chimneys were not real chimneys to produce smoke from the gas chambers or crematorium. They were just there for show and hence the reason they were called â€Å"fake chimneys.† This was true because the smoke channel that produced the smoke was across the room and not where the chimney was located, hence conclusion that the chimneys were just for symbolic purposes. The interview seems to be discrediting all that is there in history books and even movies and documentaries about the holocaust and Auschwitz in particular. The issue about the gas chamber for example leaves the listeners and viewers more in doubt and confused than even before. The same is true about the liberation by the Soviet troops. However, to those not familiar with the holocaust history, then the interview sheds light on the subject and provides an account of the occurrences from another dimension which is educational and informative. It also provides the basics of the holocaust leaving the individual want to find out more about this topic than the interview provides. The article where David Cole was interviewing Dr. Franciszek Piper the director of the Auschwitz museum has some surprising information about the gas chambers that was not previously in the history books. The same is however not reflected in the other article on a first hand basis leaving some information. What seems to be true in this case is the interview with the Dr. because as

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